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Welcome to London's iconic Piper Building in SW6.

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Mid Century Modernism in South West Six

The Piper Building is South West London’s commanding mid century architectural icon, redeveloped as a residential and commercial community in the late 1990s with art and culture at it’s heart. Today it holds a reputation as a unique, prestigious and desirable place to live and work.

So much more than just another apartment block The Piper Building is steeped in art and architectural credentials. Distinctive modernist architecture, embellished with John Piper’s giant abstract artworks, ingeniously brought into the 21st century as an award winning, ground breaking regeneration.


Piper Building Arts:

Initiatives, activities and events brought together by the community of The Piper Building. Here

About The Piper Building:

A 1960s Gas Board laboratory transformed into luxury lifestyle apartments. Here


Interiors, exteriors, historical pics.