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Piper Building Arts is a platform for initiatives, activities and events which benefit and belong to the community of The Piper Building.

EXHIBITION  14 May-14 June 2019

Franco-Belgian artist Véronique Van Meerbeek trained as a filmmaker and theatre director.

She has taken part in and facilitated many art events including the collaborative and experimental platform that she co-founded in 2012. Whether it be performances, installations, art videos or photography, she favours collaborative processes, and is focused on shaping her work into site-specific formats.

She has long been influenced by the 1910 Kuleshov experiment that demonstrated how the brain will naturally make up stories out of unrelated images. Véronique is also inspired by what she calls the ‘Caramel Effect’... caramels, being both sweet and savoury, confuse the brain with conflicting information, consequently we eat the whole pack, trying to figure it out. Her art explores open narrative arcs, purposeful ambiguity, sending the viewer on a journey, creating their personal stories through what they see.

This ‘I Love You Too’ exhibition and installation is conceived as a circular story that can be told from any starting point. Allow the mind to wander. The exhibition is complemented by a startling stack of raw wood. Veronique invites visitors of every age to take part in a creative collaboration, adorning and decorating the wood with colour and paint, influenced by the imagery that surrounds them, transforming nature to art.

See more of Véronique’s work here: Instagram atelier_vvm


Photographer and adventurer TIM TAYLOR ’s passion lies in exploring and photographing the remote regions of our planet, combining science, art and adventure. He has been the official photographer on a number of major pioneering expeditions. The images in this exhibition are from 2014 mission to climb the worlds fifth highest mountain in the Himalayas, Makalu (8463m), via the South East Ridge.

With camera, in extreme environments, he endeavours to capture the vastness of nature and the fleeting presence of humankind

in the landscape. The drama, silence and stillness in the high-definition, fine-art prints is simply astounding.

These are extraordinary photographs of extraordinary places.

Scottish artist PAUL CADDEN is renowned for his hyperrealistic pencil works. His drawings are not only intricate works of art that look like black and white photographs but go beyond with a deeper view of the ordinary and everyday. For Cadden, hyperrealism is about more than representing reality in a new medium. It is, instead, about creating the illusion of a new reality that merges a believable, life-like appearance with emotional, social, cultural, and political themes.

To create such imagery he uses a variety of tools; a jewellers magnifying glass enabling him to add the most meticulous detail, metal and paper stencils for precision, paper blenders, and for detail, electric erasers and pencils ranging from 4H to 2B. Each drawing takes between two to six weeks to complete, depending on the detail and size of the piece.

For more information on Paul Cadden visit


This exhibition has been generously supported by Maggie Bollaert and Colin Petit.

Harriet Brocket / Kenny Laurenson / Gavin Aldred

INVISIBLE CITY explores the context in which an artist will often view the world around them, they find a perspective that may be invisible to a passive glance. Gavin Aldred seeks out the random complexity of street art and the compelling scrapbook textures that naturally evolve. Kenny Laurenson brings an entirely new context to classical statues, bringing them a new life whilst playing upon their allegorical meaning. Harriet Brocket presents a passing glimpse of worldwide cities that may no longer even exist, captured moments in places that disappear… beyond invisible.


The Artists

Harriet Brocket

Harriet Brocket’s passion for photography started at a young age and was heavily influenced by travel with her family. After successfully completing a degree in Languages for Business she made her first solo trip around the globe in 1993. Her numerous journeys to exotic locations as a photojournalist have all contributed to the body of her work over the years. Brocket’s images are atmospheric, thought provoking and evocative. Her use of light and composition creates an immediate intimacy between viewer and subject. Within this collection, Brocket shows views or buildings which now no longer exist, buildings that themselves hide people to make them invisible, that use camoflage to be something other than they may appear to be or, beyond which, one can only imagine…



Kenny Laurenson

Kenny Laurenson has been involved in art, design, music and photography since graduating from London’s Ravensbourne School of Art in 1987. His photomontage series ‘Statuesque’ expresses his long fascination with perception. “Statues in cities are almost invisible yet they depict powerful stories and characters from an era when visual information was so rare. Statues have gravity, beauty, craft and hold an eternal value. I endeavour to bring them new context, new life, new perspective”. Laurenson takes a traditional dark room approach, a crafted ‘dodge and burn’ technique, utilising digital technology. Artworks are available as archival reverse prints onto aluminium or digital c-type prints all of exceptional quality.



Gavin Aldred

Gavin Aldred has for over 25 years lived a dual existence as a fashion retail entrepreneur and artist – musician, painter and photographer. It is his work from the latter of these activities that features in Invisible City. These images represent a tiny fraction of the thousands he has taken of street art in cities from every major continent of the world. Eschewing tourist sites for the back streets where the real inhabitants of a city live, he catalogues the more subversive and ephemeral elements of their urban environment. From the overtly political to the weird and whimsical, the images represent the dreams and desires of the not-so-common minds of unsung local artists in both visual arresting and often technically brilliant ways.

Invisible City 2015 was generously supported by

Exhibition organised by Victoria Luxem of Luxem Events

About Piper Building Arts

Piper Building Arts was founded by residents as a catalyst to inspire and facilitate events by and for a community with art and culture at its heart. We are fortunate in that such initiatives are only possible in a building such as this, with a distinctly creative personality, and remarkable spaces.

With 72 luxury apartments and over 100,000 sq ft of commercial enterprise The Piper Building is a truly unique development. A building steeped in art and architectural credentials from John Piper’s dramatic murals on entering to original 1960’s modernist architectural features and authentic loft spaces. The Piper Building is proudly gaining a deserved reputation as South West London’s unique and distinctive mid century icon.

The Piper Building Arts initiative was launched in 2015 with the exhibition 'Invisible City'.

The foyer provides a 2,000 sq ft private gallery space that from time to time provides the perfect venue for resident based events.

We welcome ideas, proposals and suggestions from all residents for future Piper Building Arts initiatives.

Just get in touch with us through this website.

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